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Effectively Relieve Your Hip Pain With Physical Therapy

It is no secret that hip pain can cause serious limitations to your daily life. When we examine patients for hip pain, we always screen the joints above and below the location of pain, as well as the lumbar spine. There are also incidences where there is damage to the tissue in the joint where you are feeling pain.

We utilize the most evidence-based tests and measures to examine the tissue that is compromised and design an appropriate plan of care for each individual.

Hip pain is typically felt in 3 places, the groin, outer hip or deep buttock. Depending on where the pain is focused corresponds to the dysfunction around that area. The hip joint is incredible as it moves through a large range of motion, while bearing the weight of the body and providing stability.

Most hip pain stems from limited motion of the hip causing abnormal pressures to different muscles, tendons or ligaments around the area. With acute pain, it can be felt deep in the groin or outer hip. However, with more severe irritation, radiating pain can even be felt into the thigh or knee.

Having flexible hip joints with strong muscular support is key to a healthy back. When the hips don't move like they should, the normal forces of walking, bending and squatting are transferred to the spine instead of the hips.

How physical therapy helps

Physical therapy can quickly relieve hip and thigh pain. Our physical therapists perform a thorough evaluation to determine exactly where your pain is coming from. By assessing your hip range of motion, strength and joint mobility, we determine where your limitations are and formulate a treatment plan that will take care of the root cause.

By improving your joint mobility, strength and range of motion, we help you restore normal pain free walking and activities.


Here are a few stretches you can do each day to help relieve tightness and pain. If you have ongoing hip pain, give us a call today to discover how we can help you get relief.

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