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Physical Therapy to help develop rotational power and control

Are you looking to improve your golf game? Golf requires a combination of balance and mobility. Many golfers focus exclusively on building arm strength in their workouts, but what most golfers don’t realize is that what helps the ball go further and straighter is the controlled transfer of weight when you rotate and transfer your weight from your lower body to the upper body. Weakness in the core, or shaky and uncontrolled movement, materializes as an inefficient transfer of force when your club strikes the ball leading to mishits and shanks.

Core exercises aimed at increasing your stability and steadiness allow you to efficiently translate power throughout the kinetic chain. While power is important for your swing, if you are generating a significant amount of rotational power through your trunk, then you need to have an equal amount of stability in your core to be able to control the movement.

physical therapy exercises for cross training
If you’re looking for one-on-one guidance for injury prevention, make an appointment with AAPT.


Here are a few exercises you can do at the driving range or pre-round warmup drill.


We emphasize the importance of active recovery each day. Rolling with a ball or vibrating sphere along with our functional strength & conditioning exercises are the perfect combination to stay active without slowing down the natural recovery processes that are happening inside your body. You can find more information on core specific exercises on our YouTube Channel.


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