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Off Season Overtraining and Preventing Sports Injury with PT

The Summer season is a typical off season period where athletes spend a large amount of time training to get bigger, stronger, faster, and fine tuning their skills to get an edge on the competition. While increasing the intensity and volume of your workouts can improve performance, it is important to ensure you are not overtraining and allowing your body to recover with simple tips from your physical therapists here at AAPT.

physical therapy exercises for cross training

Tips on how you can prevent overtraining this summer!

At Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy we want to share the signs of overtraining:

  • Increased muscle/joint soreness and pain, lingering aches and pains over 24-36 hrs.

  • Mood changes, increased irritability

  • Insomnia or changes in sleep pattern

  • Decreased appetite, weight loss

  • Abnormal perspiration at low or normal workout intensities

  • Plateaus in training or unable to “keep up” with previously performed workouts

  • Loss of interest or desire to train or compete

We suggest avoiding overtraining by:

  • Scheduling “off” or “rest” days into your normal training schedule

  • Ensure proper nutrition

  • Create a bedtime routine, take advantage of afternoon power naps

  • Train based on your abilities and goals, not someone else’s

  • Manage external stressors and set a routine

  • Incorporate new activities or unfamiliar exercises into routine for “cross training”

If you are looking for help in your off-season training, or simply decreasing pain after your workouts, we are here to help you understand your body and set goals and assessments that can help you perform at your highest level. Give us a call for an appointment and we can help create a one on one plan that will help you this summer and all the rest of the year.



If you are looking for something new to add to your routine, check out some of our pool exercises you could incorporate this summer!

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