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DANCE Physical therapy ///

Helping, Healing and Enhancing Dance Performance.

AAPT Dance Physical Therapists

Our physical therapists have undergone additional postdoctoral training and have personal backgrounds in dance to best understand how to treat the dancer’s body.

Dr. Cody Johnson, DPT holds a certification in dance rehabilitation and is a dance medicine specialist. He has over 15 years of clinical experience treating both pre pointe, competitive dancers, pre-professional and professional dancers. Dr. Johnson is also a member of International Association of Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) and Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA). He has completed a series of Dance Medicine Practicums given by Marika Molnar at Westside Dance Physical Therapy in NYC.

AAPT Dance Physical Therapy

AAPT has extensive experience rehabilitating dance injuries as a result of overuse, inefficient technique or traumatic injury. With a thorough understanding of the dancer’s biomechanics and physiology we perform a functional movement assessment of the body. We are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas of decreased mobility. We then work to restore and create an optimal balance of mobility and strength.


Our Top-Rated Physical Therapy Approach:

  • Develop an exercise plan specifically for each dancer that creates their optimum movement profile. When practiced regularly is scientifically proven to help reduce injury and enhance performance

  • Pointe ready assessment test

  • Injury prevention seminars 

  • Onsite physical therapy at studio, theatre or live performances 


We want to educate the dancer with a better understanding of their biomechanics and with the knowledge to proceed in their dance career with more effective practices for injury prevention, conditioning and overall wellness.

Our mission is to provide you with the highest level of care to keep performing the activities you love to do and promote growth toward a healthy lifestyle. 


As with all physical therapy services at Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy, physical therapy for the rehabilitation of an injury is billable to insurance. We are in network with *Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plan.

*Verify coverage with your insurance company.

Ballet Dancer

Over 15 years of


Meet Our Patients

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“I am currently a BFA Dance major at the Glorya Kaufman School of Dance at USC. My senior year of high school, I met Dr. Cody Johnson after years of dealing with injuries, and let me tell you… he is a genius! He manages to fix every issue SO quickly and efficiently.He will keep you injury free!..."

— Ava Noble


“I am so thankful for Athletic Advantage for helping me recover from one of my biggest obstacles this year, my ankle surgery. I wouldn't be where I am without you guys! So excited for 2021!”

— Anna Funakura

“AAPT helped me return to dancing after I had an extra bone removed from my foot. My foot has never felt better and now AAPT is always my go to for tune ups when I’m back home from training abroad.”

— Ava Arbuckle


“I was in chronic pain for years before I found Dr. Cody Johnson. After just two appointments with him I could finally walk and dance normally again. After years of searching for the best PT, I am forever grateful for Athletic Advantage and can say without hesitation that I would not be able to dance if it were not for Cody!”

— Madison Hicks

Dance Injury

“Throughout the last few years, AAPT has been right by my side as I progress through my ballet career. Whether it’s a major injury or a minor issue, they have been there to help me through it. They truly care about all of their patients and I’m so glad to know I can rely on them to help me be the best dancer I can!”

— Hannah Beaudreau

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“Before AAPT, I was having constant inflammation problems with my hips. Instead of being reactive to these issues, Athletic Advantage helped me to be proactive and stay ahead of the pain. I am forever thankful to Dr. Cody Johnson and his team for helping me to be happy and healthy as I continue in dance.”

— Anna Speer

“AAPT has made me a stronger, happier dancer. They constantly care for me and help improve my technique. I feel so much better after leaving my PT appointments.”

— Maggie Kate Howard

Dance Injury Rehabilitation

“Dr. Johnson saved me from a future of unnecessary, career ending surgeries. His intuitive ability to diagnose and fully understand the demanding technical requirements of classical ballet make him second to none. Athletic Advantage is an invaluable and necessary asset to my career today.”

— Madelaine Boyce

Dance Physical Therapy Near Me
Physical Therapy Allen, TX

“ AAPT has helped me stay in my best shape and helped me through injuries. They’ve taught me many excellent exercises and tips to help me maintain myself as a dancer. I’m so thankful for AAPT!”

— Isabella Meier

Dance Physical Therapists

“AAPT has been a tremendous help in my return to dance after hip surgery. Their genuine care for their patients is unmatched. Without them, I wouldn’t have recovered as quickly or as knowledgeable as I am now. ”

— Grace Gontarek

“ AAPT has helped me regain the strength in my foot after ankle surgery! As a dancer, it is important for me to feel confident in my stability. Recovering after surgery is definitely the hardest part and AAPT helped me recover quicker than I ever imagined. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help!”

— Savannah Cummings

Physical Therapy Dance

“This summer,  I experienced my first significant ballet injury after returning to the studio from quarantine. Cody helped to cut my healing time in half through his magical methods of needling and strengthening. ”

— Caroline Love

Dance Physical Therapy



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