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Performance Screening for Dancers ///


We help performing artists reduce risk for serious injuries, better understand their movement profile and improve their self-care.


Dancers exhibit a high risk of overuse injuries. Performance without movement literacy will lead to increased likelihood of injury. Our AAPT Dance Screening and Assessment will identify dysfunctional movement patterns that could lead to injury in the future. For example, a stuck ankle will take away from your ability to leap. Catching problematic movement patterns or capacity deficiencies early on and correcting them with a personalized program is an effective way to reduce injury risk.  

Different screens are available for dancers ranging from those at the professional level to intermediate level student or recreational dancers.

​Our goal is to teach every dancer to have an increased awareness of their movement profile and with the knowledge to proceed in their dance future with more effective practices for injury prevention, physical capacity and overall function..

What does a Dance Performance Screen involve?

  • The DPT will spend 1 Hour one-on-one with each dancer

  • The DPT will perform movement tests to assess where the dancer demonstrates potential problems

  • The DPT will identify specific issues that need improvement, i.e. tissue extensibility dysfunction, motor control dysfunction, hyper/hypo mobility

  • The DPT will prescribe specific exercises that address these issues, making sure the dancer understands the areas of concern and the proper execution of the corrective exercises.

  • The DPT will also communicate with the dancer on a plan moving forward. For example, does the dancer need ongoing Physical Therapy treatment or further medical intervention.

Ballet Dancers

Enhance your daily performance with an AAPT Dance Screening:

Professional Dancer

This screen is designed
for those dancing at the
professional level in a
company or as a
freelance dancer.

Pre-Professional Dancer

This screen is designed for
dancers in a pre-professional
program or serious students
who dance an average of
15+ hours per week.

Student & Recreational Dancer

This screen is designed to
avoid injury, ensure readiness
for the dance season, or
push performance to
new heights

What AAPT Dancers are saying...


“AAPT is always my "go to" for tune ups when I’m back home from training abroad.” - Ava Arbuckle

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