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Sports Injury 


Relieving Pain

Sports Performance 


Each treatment tailored to
your unique body and goals

Injury Prevention


Enhance how you move
and perform

Sports Injury Rehabilitation


At Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy, we not only identify and rehabilitate your sport injuries but we also help you maximize and realize your full potential. We work with athletes of every level and in every sport. Perhaps you are training for a competition, competing at a professional level or simply trying to improve your skills. We incorporate sport-specific movements into your therapeutic exercise to best prepare the neuromuscular system for return to your sport stronger and healthier than you were to begin with. Our evidence-based physical therapy and applied functional science helps prevent future injuries. 

One-on-One Treatment Program

Working with athletes of all ages and levels, we are dedicated to helping our patients recover from sports injuries as quickly as possible. Every sport has different physical demands and each person’s anatomy is very unique. The plan of care from one athlete to another will never be the same. 

We perform a Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) along with other special tests, to observe the quality of your movement profile specific to you. ​Our physical therapists will evaluate your movement patterns and provide you the information needed to remove pain, prevent injuries and maximize performance potential. We will evaluate your musculoskeletal health, mobility, stability, cadence, vertical displacement, hip balance, foot strike, thoracic rotation and lower extremity positioning. By evaluating these, your therapist can help you correct faulty movement patterns and gain better performance standards.

In addition to developing an individualized, sport-specific therapeutic exercise program, your physical therapist can use manual therapy techniques to reduce restrictions, restore and maintain functional movement patterns. 

Common sports injuries we treat:


In addition to helping you recover from your current injury, our physical therapists will educate you on proper form and techniques to help prevent future injuries from returning.

Enhance Performance and Prevent Injury


We create the perfect treatment plan based on the movement you need to excel in your sport, your performance goals and your current level. We focus on combining mobility, agility, strength, power, and endurance into one treatment plan. Our corrective exercises and manual therapy will enhance how you move and perform which helps prevent future injuries by restoring imbalances and movement deficiencies. 


Our programs have been scientifically proven to enhance performance and prevent injuries.


You’ll perform your therapeutic exercises with our Physical Therapy Technicians which makes our environment dynamic and fun, while still allowing us to offer you plenty of individualized attention. 


Therapeutic Exercises help with:

  • Total Body Strength 

  • Explosive Power

  • Speed and Agility

  • Core Stability

  • Mobility and Flexibility

  • Endurance

  • Injury Prevention


We help to identify harmful movement patterns before serious injury manifests. Our mission is to provide you with the highest level of care so you can keep performing the sport you love.


Physical therapy for the rehabilitation of an injury is billable to insurance. We are in network with *Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plan.

*Verify coverage with your insurance company.

Sports Injury Therapy



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