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Helping, Healing and Enhancing Athletic Performance.

Sports Injury Therapy


We work with athletes of every level and every sport. Perhaps you are training for a competition, trying to improve your skills at your sport of choice, or competing at a professional level – whatever the case may be, you are considered an athlete nonetheless. At Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to helping our patients recover from sports injuries as quickly as possible. Every sport has different physical demands and each person’s anatomy is very unique. For this reason,  the plan of care from one athlete to another will never be the same. We identify the cause of your injury and pain and design a treatment plan that will not only help you heal but make you a better athlete than you were, to begin with. When our athletes come to see us for an injury, we often use a test called the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) in addition to our usual assessment. This screen is designed to observe the quality of seven functional movements. If you are looking for relief, contact our physical therapy practice today to schedule an appointment.


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