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Dry needling Allen, TX

Athletic Advantage Dry Needling 

Athletic Advantage’s Patented Dry Needling Method was developed by Dr. Cody Johnson and has been practiced with optimum results for over twelve years.


At Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy, we believe that the imbalance of nervous system output alters movement patterns and causes pain patterns and our approach to the pain is what sets us apart. Our top-rated dry needling is a patented method that has helped hundreds of patients restore normal movement, relieving pain, and reducing the risk of further tissue damage. 


Hyper sensitive regions anywhere in the body can affect a wide number of physiological systems and structures. When your muscles constrict and become tight, your mobility of the affected area becomes restricted, and any movements you make can result in pain. Our dry needling method is the most effective form of getting rid of tight, painful or hypersensitive muscles and increasing movement patterns. 


Our treatment models also include a combination of many disciplines. We prescribe many different ways to reset a muscle: mechanical pressure (with a massage or lacrosse ball), temperature contrast, laser, electrical stimulation, and full range of motion to a joint.

When do you need AAPT Dry Needling?

Many patients will  ignore pain from a “tweak” or “strain” thinking it will pass. Ignoring the pain for any length of time can cause weakness and loss of motion and can lead to extended periods of pain, additional injury, decreased endurance which can then lead to even more future injury.  

Hypersensitive muscles play a big role in pain and movement and often go unnoticed. At Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy we educate our patients on how to “release” the tension and stress restoring normal movement, relieving pain, and reducing your risk of further tissue damage.

The goal of dry needling is to help the body relax and restore nervous system output at locations of imbalance. By doing this, the muscles will respond appropriately, which will allow for improved functionality and decreased pain.


Our physical therapists treat numerous conditions with dry needling including: 

Our dry needling method is a patented system in place that has helped hundreds of patients get back to their optimum performance. It reverses this sensation by loosening up the constricted area, thus promoting easier mobility relieving pain, and reducing your risk of further tissue damage.


How should I prepare for trigger point therapy?

To maximize the effectiveness of our care, our physical therapist team encourages you to wear comfortable clothing —essentially, anything you’d be comfortable working out in. Of course, while much of our physical therapy services do involve active participation from you as the patient, manual therapy sessions (which includes dry needling therapy) allow you to take more of a passive, restorative role.

Know that when you first arrive for your initial consultation, one of our physical therapists will take you through a thorough patient history questionnaire and physical examination. You’ll be encouraged to ask questions along the way to help us gain insight into your unique condition and help us provide you with an accurate diagnosis and plan of care, which may include manual therapy as well as additional evidence-based physical therapy services such as therapeutic exercises, joint mobilizations, and modalities.

We always encourage our patients to stay well-hydrated both before, during, and after treatment. Water is essential to helping your body heal, and the effects of both active and passive therapeutic services (including pressure point massage) are amplified when you drink plenty of fluids. Aim for one third to one half your body weight in fluid ounces per day, or more if you exercise a lot or have a physically demanding job.

When to call aapt?


If you are in pain, recovering from an injury or  just feeling like your performance could be enhanced, call our physical therapy team to learn more about Athletic Advantage's dry needling treatment and other drug-free and non-invasive techniques.



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