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WHY I CREATED Athletic advantage physical therapy

“Having a personal commitment to an active lifestyle, I work with patients to achieve effective ways to enhance their quality of life, mobility, functional daily activities, and athletic performance. This commitment guides my patients to full recovery as well as prevent future injuries. I tailor my treatments to the individual needs of each patient, providing each of them with the personal care and unique attention they deserve.”

Dr. Cody Johnson, DPT, ATC | Physical Therapist

Dr. Johnson enjoys working with patients of all age groups, from children to seniors, his passion is to facilitate a full return to everyday function in life including work, recreation or competitive athletics. With a dual masters degree in Physical Therapy and Athletic Training combined with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Cody Johnson emphasizes the importance of injury prevention through correcting movement imbalances, posture, alignment, education, and body mechanics.

I opened my own clinic in 2010, and have since seen a wide array of injuries . This helped develop my approach and pushed me to gain further skills in speeding up recovery times. It all led me to the specialization traditionally known as Trigger-Point Needling.

This inspired me to develop my own technique Point Reset™ a special dry needling method, patented under U.S. Patent No. 10,751,249, developed by Dr. Cody Johnson, DPT which has been practiced with optimum results for many years.


  • Specialty:

    • Physical Therapist

  • Degrees Held:

    • DPT, ATC,  Texas Tech, Temple University

  • Years Practicing:

    • 20


  • American Physical Therapy Association

  • International Association of Dance Medicine and Science

  • Performing Arts Medicine Association


Patient satisfaction is Dr.  Cody Johnson's top priority. Every patient seen by   Dr.  Cody Johnson is invited to a post-visit survey and to share a review. We are pleased to have a total of 71 reviews with an average rating of 5 stars.

Feb 14, 2024
'Cody and staff are super friendly and most importantly, take my pain away. Cody is so knowledgeable and experienced and that is why he is able to help his patients. Thanks Dr. Cody!'

Feb 13, 2024
'He is the best!!!'

Jan 31, 2024
'Great overall assessment and individual patient engagement. Very knowledgeable and the entire staff is hands on! Best PT place for athletes!'

Jan 14, 2024
'Dr. Cody is the best! He is worth the drive to receive excellent treatment. His staff is kind and caring, and and the atmosphere is welcoming. We would not hesitate to recommend him!'

Jan 03, 2024
'Cody takes his time and provides the best care..'

Dec 19, 2023
'Cody has been instrumental to my recovery. Ortho offices didn’t take the time and didn’t have the understanding but just sent me pills. It has been a dramatic turnaround after weeks of pain and inability to complete many tasks. We have also used Cody during heavy training loads for more minor needs for quicker recovery. Highly recommend!'

Dec 14, 2023
'Outstanding…P. T.'

Nov 15, 2023
'Dr. Johnson and the crew always make a trip to their PT location well worth the drive. Positive results are always experienced for me with even just a one hour visit. I'm so grateful they are so good at what they do!'

Nov 14, 2023
'Codybisvthe best. He identifies the cause of the pain and treats it effectively. He also provides valuable maintence measures to prevent pain. I am always greatful to Cody!'

Oct 17, 2023
'Great place with an awesome staff. I’m always well taken care of and leave feeling great.'

Oct 10, 2023
'Cody is the best! Helps me move freely again.'

Sep 08, 2023
'staff always helpful and caring'

Aug 17, 2023
'We are so glad we found Dr. Johnson! He has helped both our daughter and our son with their athletic injuries/issues. He is so smart and knowledgeable, and explains everything so well to us. I love his dance-specific info for helping our daughter, who is a dancer. He has gone above and beyond in providing top notch physical therapy care, and he is the nicest person; you can tell he really cares about his clients. He knows how to motivate them as well. We have had great results and recommend him!'

Aug 16, 2023
'The care I have received has helped me limit the time I need to use my cane.'

Jul 27, 2023
'Cody is the best. He can go right to your problem areas. He is very professional. I highly recommend him!!'

Jul 25, 2023
'Dr. Johnson always makes sure I leave feeling better, and educates me on steps to take to maintain and better my ailments.'

Jul 21, 2023
'all the pool exercises we did were beneficial to me and lessened my pain. I appreciate the care from Vinney and Dr. Johnson'

Jul 12, 2023
'I went for treatment to my right shoulder with pain that radiated down my arm to the fingers. Dr. Johnons's treatment relieved the condition to where I was finally able to sleep at night which was difficult for the last couple days.'

Jul 06, 2023
'Cody took the time to figure out what was going on with my problem. Very knowledgeable.'

Jul 05, 2023
'Excellent treatment'

Jun 27, 2023

Jun 13, 2023
'The whole team is very knowledgeable, professional, and caring! Cody is far the best He digs deep to find the problem and works on them!! So glad I went to him!!'

Jun 12, 2023
'Dr. Cody I’d great finding the cause of my issues and treat them to heal my pain.'

Jun 05, 2023
'I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cody the past few months on my reoccurring issues. When I first came to this office I was a wreck. Now I’m feeling more relief and normalcy again. Cody has help me fine tune my issues and has been a great help, he’s is very knowledgeable and I pick his brain when it comes to the recovery process as much as possible. I highly recommend paying him a visit if you’re an athlete looking to get back to your golden days. Thank you Cody for all your help!'

Mar 29, 2023
'If you want to see Cody on like regular basis you need to schedule at least a month in advance. He works magic. I couldn’t wait to get to see him after an accident. Thankful I’m back'

Mar 27, 2023
'I had seen the successful results with my niece and sister so I went to see Cody and by the time I left the office my shoulder pain had diminished. He administered dry needling, which made a huge difference. I highly recommend him and I will be sending friends to him.'

Mar 01, 2023
'Dr. Cody was quick to evaluate what I needed and preceeded to help me.'

Feb 24, 2023
'This place is run like a family practice with individual attention. The team focuses on you.'

Feb 23, 2023
'Cody is the best! He has helped my daughter and me so much!! He has so much knowledge and experience. Everyone is so kind and friendly.'

Dec 05, 2022
'Cody is very knowledgeable and makes my daughter feel comfortable.'

Nov 16, 2022
'Got straight into the history of past injuries and pain that helped to start finding the root of the problem. The dry needling put into effect made it easier to understand what is causing the injury.'

Oct 11, 2022
'Simply the best.'

Sep 28, 2022
'At age 70 Cody totally changed my quality of life. As an avid golfer I could not hardly play because of back pain. Had been going to a chiropractor for over 30 years. Went to Cody and educated me about what was going on. Turns out it more of a hip problem than a back problem. Now 7 years later I am able to play golf every day if I want to. He is amazing.'

Sep 07, 2022
'My daughter is a pre-professional ballet dancer. She'd been having pain in her Achilles for about 4 months and had seen 3 other PTs who hadn't been able to help. After 3 visits with Cody, my daughter's Achilles pain was gone. She's been dancing pain free for the past month. My daughter will be dancing in NYC, but we already have maintenance appointments scheduled with Cody during her holiday breaks. We are so thankful for the amazing treatment and care we receive from Athletic Advantage PT.'


Jul 20, 2022
'Very knowledgable, attentive, and adjusts session on the fly depending on level of ability. A great experience.'

Jun 02, 2022
'I so much appreciate Cody’s expertise and the time he spends with me and each of his patients. I always gave positive results from my treatments!'

May 29, 2022
'I was under the care of home health and finally got released. I was so anxious to get back to see Dr. Cody. I have neck and lower back problems and after a few treatments I know I’ll be feeling much better.'

Apr 13, 2022
'Cody is a miracle worker! After taking my daughter to several places to get help with back pain that she had for years, we finally found Cody and his staff. He is so knowledgeable about how the body works and what to do to fix it. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I'm so thankful for all he has done! I highly recommend him!!'

Apr 06, 2022
'Treatments have significantly improved my quality of life. Had back issues for over 40 years. Went to chiropractor for over 35 years for L4/L5 facet adjustments. As an avid golfer, I could not play without pain. Since going to Athletic Advantage over 7 years ago I am pretty much pain free and more flexible. Now at age 76 I play 4-5 days a week. Turns out it was more of a hip issue than a back issue. I continue to go regularly for maintenance. I highly recommend Athletic Advantage.'

Apr 04, 2022
'Loved working with Cody and the rest of the staff!'

Apr 04, 2022
'Dr Johnson and staff are great! They provide personalized and timely care with a friendly atmosphere.'

Mar 19, 2022
'Cody always takes away my pain. Is a great environment, friendly and professional.'

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