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Professional Dancer Screening & Assessment

This screen is designed for those dancing at the professional level in a company or as a freelance dancer. It is designed to establish a baseline in order to track improvement over time and it will serve as unique personalized information for return to dance if future injury should occur.


This Screen is an annual evaluation of overall health, physical abilities, movement proficiencies and functional capacities in order to identify and address potential problem areas before they become full-blown injuries.

The screen seeks to identify red flags that can indicate a serious underlying health concern and to detect neuromuscular conditions that can predispose dancers to unnecessary injury during the season.  

The session provides objective measurements of a dancer's movement profile which allows dancers and their multidisciplinary team members to track their development from year to year and to identify potential problem areas before they slowly take away from performance capabilities.

After the assessment is completed, each dancer will receive a summary of the findings as well as a customized injury prevention program to address their individual needs. This program helps dancers customize and adapt their daily habits as well as their training to optimize their dance potential and to better avoid overuse injuries.  


Each screen takes about 60 minutes to complete and is administered by our physical therapist.   


The cost of the screen is $220

Dance Performance Screens are not billable to insurance. This is a self-pay service.


This service can be administered in person or virtually.




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