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Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy is proven to help arthritic pain relief

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Physical Therapy for Back Pain

I think I might have arthritis… what should I do?

Have you been feeling a chronic pain or a lack of mobility in a joint or area of your body and wondering if that is an arthritic symptom? Arthritis is a joint disorder that causes joints to become inflamed and it affects millions of people every year. In fact, it is the most commonly reported chronic illness across the nation. When the joints become inflamed, it can lead to pain, stiffness, and lack of mobility.

At Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy, we have helped hundreds of people from right here in Allen and surrounding DFW who have suffered with arthritis. We highly recommend going to your doctor for a complete evaluation including blood tests, joint fluid tests, or x-rays for signs of disease, or inflammation. Early diagnosis can be helpful in avoiding joint damage and disability, so it is imperative that you contact a doctor as soon as you think you may be developing arthritic symptoms.

If you are diagnosed with arthritis after these tests, your doctor will create a treatment plan for you, in relation to the location and severity of the condition. This treatment plan may include rest, exercise routines, and medications as necessary.

There are several ways to help manage the pains of arthritis, and in some cases, you may even be able to eliminate it altogether. It is very likely that you will also be referred to a physical therapist to help guide you through your exercise routines, in order to measure progress and make sure that you are completing your physical activity in a safe and correct manner. Physical therapy is a proven aid in arthritic pain relief, without the use of harmful pain-management drugs.

There are over 100 different types of arthritis that can be split into two categories: monoarthritis (where only one joint is affected) and oligoarthritis (where multiple joints are affected.) The two most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis, which develops from “wear and tear” of cartilage, and rheumatoid arthritis, which develops from overactive immune systems.

It is no secret that arthritis can greatly limit one’s life. In fact, some people become so affected by arthritis that they are unable to work and are forced to go on disability.

After your initial evaluation, your physical therapist will design an individualized treatment plan around your specific needs. This will aid in the improvement of your strength, range of motion, and mobility. Your treatment plan will focus on the affected area(s) of your body, in addition to any other areas that may be contributing to the pain you are feeling.

Treatment plans will likely consist of manual therapy treatments and targeted exercises, in order to improve joint and soft tissue mobilization. These all work to reduce pain and inflammation, in addition to increasing blood flow and mobility.

If you have been diagnosed with arthritis, or you think you may be experiencing arthritic symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact us today and schedule a consultation. We’ll help get you started on the best treatment plan that can help you get back to the activities you love.

Contact our physical therapy practice today to schedule an appointment.


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