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It’s Time for a Reset Mindset

Bring your performance to a new level this year

At AAPT we want to empower anyone to live pain-free and perform their best. When you feel less pain and feel more connected, you can enjoy a more healthy and active lifestyle. From the weekend warrior who wants to improve their golf or pickleball game this year, to the professional athlete who needs to be pushed to their limits, we all have one thing in common, we all can forget about the physical and mental recovery our body needs to feel and perform better. Better health comes from paying better attention.

When your muscles constrict and become tight, your mobility of the affected area becomes restricted, and any movements you make may result in pain. Hyper sensitive areas anywhere in the body can affect a wide number of movement patterns. When you are able to move without restriction, you are better at absorbing force, allowing the body to withstand the impact of sport and daily life.

physical therapy exercises for cross training

It’s Time for a Reset!

As physical therapists, we prescribe many different ways to reset a muscle: mechanical pressure (with a massage or lacrosse ball), temperature contrast, laser, electrical stimulation, and full range of motion to a joint or our Point Reset™ method which is the most effective form of getting rid of tight, painful muscles and increasing movement patterns.

While it’s best to work directly with a physical therapist, you can engage in reset work at home with a foam roller, sphere, or other percussion device. It is best done for a few minutes before and after you perform.

At-home reset work is crucial because it balances your neuromuscular system. This stimulation allows your body to adapt and helps you reach maximum movement. (I will have to think about saying this another way)

Ready, Set, Reset!

Rolling out after intense movement helps the body relax and restore nervous system output at the location of the imbalance. By doing this, the muscles will respond appropriately, which will allow for improved functionality and decreased pain. Reducing tension in the muscles helps decrease the risk of injury.

Step 1:

Get on the ground, scan your body and perform a self-check. To get the best results, make sure you’re fully relaxing the muscles you want to target.

Step 2:

Look for dense, tender areas – they’re often the cause of muscle tightness and sensitivity.

Step 3:

Press on the ball or percussion sphere until you feel a change in the targeted tissue, move on to the next area.

Step 4:

Repeat your at-home reset work every morning and evening, even on days when you’re not working out.

Take the AAPT reset journey with us and create a healthy movement lifestyle.

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