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Our physical therapy approach to pain is what sets us apart.

Every October we celebrate National Physical Therapy Month to raise awareness about the benefits of physical therapy. This Month Cody explains his Point Reset™ physical therapy method and the results he has had for over twelve years. Our Reset Method was designed to help you recover faster and perform at your absolute best.

physical therapy exercises for cross training

Redefining Physical Therapy?

After I earned my doctorate in Physical Therapy from Temple University, I knew that I wanted to focus on the athletic body, and fortunately when I arrived in Dallas, I was able to build clientele at an incredible clinic where I worked directly with athletes from high school to professionals.

I opened my own clinic in 2010, and this helped develop my approach and pushed me to gain further skills in speeding up recovery times. It all led me to the specialization traditionally known as Trigger-Point Needling.

Although the name sounded a bit intimidating to clients at first, they were as floored as I was at how immediate the results came. This inspired me to develop my own technique which I patented along with a new name, Point Reset™, so that clients would be more receptive to this advanced therapy.

The results have been absolutely incredible in helping to re-define the outcomes for my patients — ultimately, a re-definition in physical therapy.

What's the point?

At AAPT we believe that the imbalance of nervous system output alters movement patterns and causes pain. Hypersensitive muscles play a big role in pain and movement. Our goal is to help the body relax and restore nervous system output at locations of imbalance that often go unnoticed. By doing this, the areas of the body will respond appropriately, which will allow for improved functionality and decreased pain.

Hyper sensitive regions anywhere in the body can affect a wide number of physiological systems and structures. When muscles constrict and become tight, your mobility will become restricted, and any movements you make can result in pain.

Our Reset Method treatment model is the most effective form of getting rid of tight, painful or hypersensitive muscles and increasing movement patterns.

We educate you on how to “release” the tension and stress, restoring normal movement patterns, relieving pain, and reducing your risk of further tissue damage.

We prescribe many different ways to reset a muscle which may include a combination of many disciplines.

  • Point Reset™

  • Mechanical Pressure (with a lacrosse ball or roller)

  • Temperature Contrast

  • Laser or electrical stimulation

  • Full range of motion to a joint

  • Manual Hands on Therapy

  • Percussion Therapy

  • Aquatic Therapy

Take the AAPT Mobility journey with us and create a healthy movement lifestyle.

Whether you're recovering from an injury or just trying to get a little better than yesterday we are here to help build a treatment plan for you.


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