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Physical Therapy habits YOU will fall in LOVE with!

At AAPT we think all our patients are the BEST! This Valentine's Day we want to show how much we care by sharing some healthy habits that can help you feel your best.

Love your Mind

Sit or lay quietly, closing your eyes, inhaling slowly and then exhaling slowly. This will help you reduce stress and connect with your breathing.

Love your Body

If you want to maximize your performance, rolling with a lacrosse ball should be an integral part of your daily routine. Myofascial muscle release prepares your body for the workout ahead. It helps you avoid injury by priming the muscles to fully perform at their best.

Also rolling the key muscle groups after your workouts focuses on reducing inflammation and helps muscles return to their natural state faster.

Love your Form

When you’re moving with proper form you engage the specific muscles you need for the movement you’re doing. You might feel like you’re using the right form when you’re actually not. Try training in front of a mirror or recording your at-home exercise routine on your phone and go back to watch for areas you can improve on.

Love your Heart

Just adding 5-10 minutes of movement to your morning routine can help you let go of stress, focus your mind, and maintain momentum. Anything like jump rope, or running in place are great ways to get your heart rate up.

For More tips, exercises and Physical Therapy support, check out our library of at-home exercises!

We LOVE our patients and want you all to stay performing at your BEST!

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