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Physical Therapy Tips: to increase mobility and gain strength

It takes an experienced team of physical therapists to help you recover from an injury or chronic pain. Your body is a very complex structure that consists of connective tissues, joints, bones, muscles and ligaments that all must interact with one another correctly to function at their optimal performance. We are committed to helping patients return to the sports and activities they enjoy by focusing on movement patterns, strength, and mobility.

Whether you're recovering from an injury or just trying to get a little better than yesterday we are here to help build a treatment plan for you.

Here are some tips that can help reduce pain and tension and improve your daily function and mobility.

Daily rolling:

Spend time rolling in areas that are tender to prevent sports-related injury. Working the soft tissues with a ball or roller allows your muscles to work more efficiently throughout your actual training. Evidence shows that rolling out your muscles can also decrease soreness and enhance recovery.

Listen to your body:

At AAPT we suggest keeping the big picture in mind. Adapting your activity to your level of performance is a key element in feeling healthy. Ignoring a tweak or strain in the hopes that you “get over'' the feeling could make things worse. We advise you to revisit your workout plan, adapt your movement for something less intense and if the pain does not go away come in for a visit. It could be just a small adjustment or misalignment that can head off serious pain and injury.

Get the rest your body needs:

Sleep is critical for all of us to recover for the next day’s activities. If you miss the opportunity to relax every part of your body, mental and physical acuity drops and your energy and overall performance can suffer.

Incorporate Sport Specific Activities Into Training:

Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy believes sport specific training is critical for athletes and can help reduce injury and increase performance. Mixing in some jump rope into your training will help prepare your body for your sport.

Daily PT Exercises:

Keeping our biggest muscle groups in prime condition and being able to engage them better will allow for a more efficient movement pattern. Try this glute bridge exercise along with the many other exercises in out PT video library for improved strength and performance.

For More tips, exercises and Physical Therapy support, check out our library of at-home exercises!

Exercises for you all to stay performing at your BEST!

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