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Top-rated aquatic therapy, a great solution for all levels of physical therapy.

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Aquatic Therapy, Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Allen, TX

Our Aquatic Therapy is delivered by specially trained physical therapists in our heated pool located in Allen, TX.

We prescribe aquatic therapy when individuals are in a great deal of pain and are not able to put full weight on limbs. Aquatic therapy helps patients start rehabilitation much sooner because water provides a non-weight bearing environment. The buoyancy of the water supports the body and reduces body weight by up to 80%. Once you are in the pool, you can start performing non-weight bearing activities sooner than if you were at a traditional physical therapy gym.

Aquatic Therapy provides low or no impact resistance, has a positive impact on motion and flexibility, reduces pressure to joints, and can increase the blood flow to injured areas. It is also an effective treatment for osteoarthritis, and reduces muscle and joint pain in middle-aged and older adults with orthopedic limitations and discomfort. It enhances strength and improves flexibility when combined with resistance training.

Common conditions appropriate for the pool include:

  • Post-operation rehab of total joint replacements

  • Post-operative fractures

  • Arthritis of any joint

  • Sports re-education

  • Severe back pain

  • Post-op ligament surgeries (ACL, rotator cuff repairs)

  • Balance disorders

If you are looking for aquatic therapy please give us a call and set up an appointment today! (214) 383-0623

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