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Adapting Your movement to Your goals

As a physical therapist, we often see and hear about patients moving in ways that don’t support their long term goals. It’s crucial to learn and enhance your movement patterns that support the demands that your lifestyle puts on your body. From the highest professional athlete to the Grandparent who wants to keep up with their grandchildren, we believe your personal best can last as long as you live it.

A few alterations to your routine will ultimately enable you to perform smarter and with more efficiency, extending your performance at any level of activity. Start by listening to your body daily. Identify what your goals are, give yourself a regular reminder of what you want to achieve. Less pain, more mobility, or simply learning how your body moves at its best. Your exercise routine should prepare you for your sport or activity and allow you to train to meet the demands placed on your body.

Exercises, combined with rolling will help relieve muscle tension and enhance your overall mobility. Exercises like glute bridges, side leg lifts, and dynamic stretching are some of our favorite ways to get moving and promote recovery without putting too much strain on your body.

If you have persistent symptoms of pain during rest or when the pain is sharp or limiting your activity or you are just unsure what movements are causing that little tweak or tightness, it is time to seek a physical therapist to get you back to the level of activity you love.

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Physical Exercises for Back Pain

"Cody helped to cut my healing time in half through his magical methods and strengthening. ” — C. Love


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