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How AAPT Recovery & Reset Can Help You Do What You Love, For Longer

Recovery is critical for staying healthy and maximizing your performance. In the same way you maintain your car, your body requires regular tune-ups. Daily wear and tear can lead to pain but routine tissue work and recovery methods can help you feel your best.

physical therapy exercises for cross training

What To Expect In A RESET Session

Reset With Percussion Massage Therapy

Sessions include percussion massage work with the intention of resetting the pathways that help relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, improves range of motion, promotes circulation, and accelerates warmup and recovery. We proudly offer Hyperice percussion massage therapy with the Hypervolt that increases local blood flow, modulated pain and effectively treated myofascial trigger points and joint range of motion.

Reset With Compression Massage Therapy

We are proud partners with NormaTec, the industry leader in compression recovery technology. Their cutting-edge compression systems help reduce inflammation and swelling, removal of lactic acid, prevent muscle soreness, speeds up recovery process.

Reset With HYDRO-therapy: Underwater treadmill walk/jog. Aids in decreasing joint stress and reducing muscle soreness.

Reset With Cupping Reduce inflammation, recover faster, decrease musculoskeletal pain.

Reset With Blood Flow Restriction

Low-intensity exercise with high-intensity strength gains.Improves Recovery process.

Take the physical therapy journey with us and create a healthy reset lifestyle.


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