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Your RESET CHALLENGE with AA Physical Therapy

aa physical therapy

Did you start off 2024 with any fitness-focused resolutions?

Whether you’re training for a specific sport or simply maintaining your fitness or physical therapy routine, adding some pre- and post- reset methods to improve your muscles’ ability to expand and contract more efficiently can help you reach your goals in 2024.

Perhaps you want to start a running program, complete your longest bike ride, compete at the highest level or just keep up with your grandchildren. No matter your new goals, there is an often overlooked component which is, preparing your body for your specific goal.

An example we see quite often at AA Physical Therapy located in Allen, TX is, the patient will spend eight hours working at their desk, then decide to jump into exercising immediately after they finish working. The muscles are tight from sitting and not being correctly prepared for exercise and then a sudden activity can cause damage or injury.

Your goals have already been sidelined and it is only the second week of January.

We want to walk through 2024 with you by highly recommending a reset physical therapy program for your muscles prior to exercise - to help reduce the risk of injury.


less pain with physical therapy rolling

Rolling stimulates the brain and the body. The deep pressure combined with individual-specific movements primes the nervous system to make dynamic movement feel more fluid and less tight.

Dynamic Stretching

stretching for physical therapy

You might think that stretching seems like an inconvenience, but “warming up” and “cooling down” your muscles is important for preventing injury, pain and strains

If you find yourself crunched for time before or after a workout, make an effort to incorporate at least a few dynamic stretches to get your muscles warmed up or cooled down. These extra minutes of your time spent stretching are well worth it.

Dynamic stretches consist of active movements that send muscles and joints through their full range of motion. The goal of dynamic stretching is to increase muscle temperature and reduce stiffness to improve performance and prevent injury. When correctly performed, dynamic stretches improve speed, agility and acceleration during a workout. This can be helpful when striving to complete certain fitness resolutions.

Check out our YouTube Channel for some recommended dynamic stretches, exercises and unique challenges from our clinic to complete prior to your workout. 

Physical Therapy Can Help With Your Fitness Goals 

Like most things in life, consistency is key. Conditioning your muscles is a process. It won’t happen overnight. You’ll have to keep at it, put your focus on it. It takes work, but it’s work that will change not only your ability to perform, but your enjoyment of everyday life. Take our Reset Method challenge in 2024 and create a daily habit to dedicate at least fifteen minutes before and after each workout to thoroughly roll out your muscle groups. If you are experiencing any type of bodily pain or discomfort, it may be time to see a physical therapist. 

free screening at aa physical therapy

Ready to set fitness goals but aren’t sure where to begin?

Our licensed physical therapists can set up a free screening and create a personalized exercise plan to help you reach your goals and conquer the new year.

Take the first step by giving us a call!


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