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It's World Physical Therapy Day!

Join in the simple healthy habit of getting up and moving around!

We can all agree that exercising and stretching are essential to maintaining a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. But for many Americans, especially during this time of the coronavirus, maintaining an active lifestyle can be a bit more challenging. If you're one of the millions of Americans who has been working from home or simply staying at home more often it's easy to stay sitting in a prolonged static posture for long periods of time.

Our bodies were made to move, so when we become inhibited our health is left to suffer. Studies have shown, sitting for six hours or more each day can considerably impact life expectancy, but it’s important to remember that sitting isn’t our greatest enemy. While there’s no way to get back the time spent in a motionless state, undoing the damages of sitting can certainly be counteracted by incorporating a few stretches and activities throughout the day. In fact, research has shown that increased risk of death linked to those who sit for eight hours a day was eliminated for people who were physically active for at least one hour a day.

"Join in the fun today and every day by getting up and moving around!"

We have a library of stretching, rolling and exercises that can help loosen your muscles and charge up your day on our YouTube Channel

Physical Therapy for Back Pain

"Today we recognize Cody & Kirsten in their commitment to keeping us all healthy and fit!"


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