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Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Master Chef, Professional Wrestler, musician and a super dad, Myk Diaz was struggling— physically and mentally.

“I could barely eat and I struggled with basic living.” With severe neck, LBP, and jaw pain. He was not able to swallow without problems and suffered heartburn and migraines.

After months of no relief having several healthcare visits, Myk’s pain remained unchanged. He was at the point where his pain was limiting not only his work but also his ability to do basic activities of daily living.

We sat down with Myk to talk about the road he took to find physical therapy, Point Reset™, and the importance of feeling healthy.

dry needling for shoulder mobility


I once wrestled professionally and I still feel some of those head and neck injuries. My family is very active and having children ages 8, 6 and 3, I decided to take action to address the pain with Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy and get my life back.


This past year was really tough for me. My jaw and throat just quit working. I was hospitalized not able to chew food, when I did eat I had heartburn, migraine, sinus problems and neck pain. I gained 60 lbs due to stress and not being able to workout with all the pain I was experiencing.

A doctor suggested physical therapy and dry needling for relief. I took that as a sign, I did my local research and set up my appointment.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR WORK WITH Point Reset™ (Dr. Cody Johnson’s patented method of Dry Needling)

Dr. Cody Johnson iImmediately, gave me hope. He’s beyond knowledgeable, a great listener and understands my challenges. The best part is that he is truly committed to helping me reach my goals. He is 200% invested in my physical and mental well-being.

My mental health improved immediately upon working with AAPT. My pain started to dissipate after my very first appointment. I am getting back to a healthy life again. I have less sinus and headaches, I can eat normal again and I am confident about my future.

AAPT’s emphasis on reset has given me my life back. I am now 100% confident I can do all the things that make me truly happy.

Who can benefit from Point Reset™?

If you have persistent symptoms of pain during rest or when the pain is sharp or limiting your activity or you are just unsure what movements are causing that little tweak or tightness, it is time to seek a physical therapist to get you back to the level of activity you love.

Call our physical therapy practice today to schedule an appointment for: New/Acute Pain, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Muscle Pain/ Strain, Difficulty Swallowing, Headaches, and Joint pain.


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