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Movement Screen offered by Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy for all ages

Dr. Cody Johnson's passion is to figure out what causes his patient’s pain and what reset options are best to help them get rid of it so they can perform at their best. He prides himself on always learning and is constantly trying to improve his physical therapy practice so that his patients get back to doing what they love.

dry needling for shoulder mobility

His coworker Jennifer is very diligent about being active in her 55+ community in Allen, but she couldn’t help but notice the lack of mobility she has been starting to feel as she is aging. With neck and hip pain after extended hours sitting at the computer, Jenn asked Cody, “How do I actually move better with Physical Therapy?” Would that screen I see the athletes taking in the clinic help me? Cody's response was immediately, “YES. Taking the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and beginning to understand how you move will help you keep active and enjoy the activities you love to do.”

Movement Screen in physical therapy

FMS SCREEN: What is it and how would it help me?

FMS is a tool for standardized movement screening to see how an individual, no matter their age, is moving in everyday life. Once Jenn saw how focusing on her movement helped her understand her mobility, she was all in and ready to take the next steps with AAPT!

The FMS takes into account both mobility and stability. Cody likes to refer to it as, “the eye chart for movement.” This will immediately help you understand the importance of how your movement or lack of movement contributes to your body’s compensations that can produce pain or injury.

While continuing to work on mobility, Dr. Johnson will customize a program for Jenn that focuses on improving her core strength, ankle, shoulder and rotary mobility. With a reset appointment, and some exercises to help master those movements to avoid injury in the future.

Each person who walks through AAPT’s doors has an opportunity to help improve their movement and live pain-free. AAPT is helping Jenn move through life better and AAPT will work for you too!

Why do we use the FMS?

The FMS fills our need to screen movement in order to identify the biggest opportunities for the individuals we are working with. The best part - it takes only 10 minutes to gain all this valuable information!

How does the FMS help?

It identifies movement patterns the individual moves well in, patterns that can be developed and also identifies patterns that are not ideal and need to be protected and corrected. At the end of an FMS, you will have valuable information and a program specific to you to meet your goals and keep you healthy.

Best physical therapy for Shoulder pain

“I had no idea the lack of movement I had was in my shoulder, I felt it was in my arm. I now can see where I need to correct some habits and build strength in areas I was not aware I needed to.” - Jenn A. AAPT employee/patient

Take the AAPT Mobility journey and create a healthy movement lifestyle.

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