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Evaluating your health and wellness all year

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Physical Therapy, Dry Needling

Working with your physical therapist in Allen, TX can help you build healthier habits.

"February is National Self-Check Month, a perfect time to check in with yourself and evaluate your health and well being", says our physical therapist, Dr. Kirsten Trapp. If you are experiencing ongoing pain or have a chronic feeling of discomfort, physical therapy may be the right care for you.

Physical Therapists are trained to care for and treat chronic conditions. Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy strives to work alongside patients to improve their quality of life by reducing pain and dysfunction. Our focus is on creating balance throughout the entire body, instead of solely focusing on the injured area. Preventing further injury is at the forefront of our therapeutic approach. Building a patient/therapist partnership to work towards their physical goals and return to prior levels of function is our purpose from our first evaluation.

Once you sustain even a small tweak or jam that small injury can worsen over time and limit functional movement. The long-term impact that recurring injuries have on the body can be much more severe. A recurring injury can cause symptoms like, increased chronic pain, loss of movement and range of motion, difficulty performing daily activities and job tasks and longer recovery times.

Athletic Advantage offers therapeutic approaches using dynamic, evidence-based practices. We help decrease the chance of re-injury with the use of manual treatments, tool-assisted interventions, exercises, modalities and patient education.

Educating patients on preventing recurring injuries starts by listening to your body. Helping patients understand the proper warm-up and cool-down techniques before an initial injury can occur is our first priority.

With new manual techniques and modalities, specially targeted therapies and evidenced-based functional exercises and dynamic exercises, Athletic Advantage Physical Therapy helps patients achieve their goals in a timelier fashion and helps decrease the risk of re-injury.

If simple home interventions are not helping to lessen aches, pains and discomfort, it’s time to see a physical therapist. Call for more information on how you can get back to being you. Contact our physical therapy practice today to schedule an appointment.

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