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AAPT can help you create a healthy movement lifestyle.

Even though you may be pain free or performing at a high level, you may have limited mobility. This inefficient compensation during your movement can lead to poor biomechanics that can ultimately limit your performance and reduce your body’s ability to sustain your activity or sport.

Stretching and exercising before exercise

The AAPT Movement Screen is a tool our physical therapists use to evaluate movement patterns and help guide our patients back into a healthy movement lifestyle. When there are asymmetric movement patterns or restrictions we create a plan to restore that movement pattern and increase your mobility.

Here are 4 reasons to understand how your body moves:

  • Allows you to perform daily tasks easier

  • Prevents injury and alleviates pain

  • Enhances sports performance

  • Improves your balance

Take the AAPT Mobility journey and create a healthy movement lifestyle.

Whether you're recovering from an injury or just trying to get a little better than yesterday we are here to help build a treatment plan for you.

Deep Squat for Mobility Screening

“We want to expose your body’s limitations and help you improve the impairment to help you move better and ultimately improve your performance.” - Dr. Lane Clark


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